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When you refer another individual, we will make the effort to reach out to them and schedule a FREE, no-obligation, no-pressure consultation. If your referral decides to move forward, we will then design a system that meets their needs, discuss all the savings they can benefit from, and show them what a great choice it is work with ANSA POWER™ SOLUTIONS CORP..

As a way to thank you for encouraging others in joining our mission, we will send you $1000.00 as soon as their solar panel installation is complete. It’s that simple – a win-win for everyone involved.

Hi, I'm Leslie!


Solar Director
Mobile: 631-599-7000
Office: 631-851-8888

I’m dedicated to making the process of going solar as easy as possible.

Why solar? Because it lets you lock in a rate to avoid rising utility costs, gives you a more reliable source of energy, and (with a battery) can protect you during blackouts.

I’d love to chat with you or your friends about how ANSA POWER™ could improve your life!

With over 12 years experience in the solar industry and over 1000 happy and satisfied installs you know that you are dealing with a true professional.

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